How to Test a Fire Sprinkler System

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Testing your fire sprinkler system is not something you should do yourself. Because safety is the main concern with these installations, you must call a trained professional from either the fire department or the sprinkler manufacturer. Testing them yourself can also cause damage, and your results may not be accurate.

Step 1 - Find out which Sprinkler System You Have

To contact the manufacturer, you should first determine the sprinkler system you have. You will probably be able to find the manufacturer and serial number on the equipment itself. There are also different types of fire sprinkler systems. Some use water. Others might use foam, though it's less common.

Step 2 - Testing the System

Fire protection engineers, the manufacturers, or the local fire service itself should be able to do the job for you. They will get the most accurate results and will be able to determine whether the system is working as it should. A full system test is not something that you should attempt to carry out yourself.

A test will also unearth any problems with the system's configuration or degradation in any of the components. Systems that use foam instead of water will need to be chemically tested as well. Just like your extinguishers, your fire sprinkler systems should be tested annually.