How to Test a Sump Pump

A sump pump works great in a wet areas, as it is commonly used to remove water from the lowest levels of a home and pump it outside the house. However, if you experience a flood of water due to leaks or extreme weather conditions and have a sump pump installed in the house, it is imperative to test the sump pump. This can be done by following the steps mentioned below.

Step Number 1: Testing the Pipe Exit

Locate the exit of the pipe. This is known as outlet pipe and is found outside the house. This is the end from which the water is thrown out. Inspect the outlet pipe thoroughly and ensure it has no debris or ice clogs. The outlet pipe must remain clean and clear at all times. Remove any blockages if needed.

Step Number 3: Testing the Interior Sump Pump

Ensure that the sump pump end in the interior of the house is plugged into the outlet properly. Remove the covering or lid and inspect the interior of the pipe for any clogs or debris. Remove blockages, if any.

Step Number 4: Testing for Other Blockages

Clear all blockages that are possibly situated inside the pipe by pouring at least five to seven gallons of water in the basin of the sump pump. Pour the water slowly until the pump turns on and starts to pump out the water. Be careful while pouring the water and only pour in what the basin would hold.

Step Number 5: Repairs

As per the results, make arrangements for repairs if there are any. Test the sump pump every few months and replace parts if needed.