How to Test Calcium Hardness in Your Hot Tub

Calcium hardness test for your hot tub is necessary in order to determine whether the calcium in your water is damaging your hot tub equipment. Calcium hardness tests should be conducted at every water change and on a monthly basis. It is a simple process to check for calcium hardness for your hot tub with the help of test strips. 

Tools You Need

  1. Calcium hardness test strips
  2. Hot tub with water in it

Step 1: Use of Test Strips

You can buy calcium hardness test strips easily as they are available in pool supply retailers and many hardware or home improvement stores. It is important to know the quantity of water you will test on. When the correct amount of water as prescribed by the test strip is present, dip the calcium hardness test strips into the tub without disturbing the water.

Step 2: Check the Results

Wait for a time before checking the results. In order to get the proper results it is essential to wait for the correct period of time. Read the label of the test strip and compare it to the legend provided with the test kit.

Be careful to keep hands dry while holding the strip. Also, the water should not be shaken or disturbed before performing this test.