How to Test Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers take the impact of lumps and bumps on the road surface to keep your car stable and safe. Shock absorbers wear down like any other component in a car, and they occasionally have to be replaced. It is important that you test new or used shock absorbers to make sure they work efficiently.

Step 1 - Go for a Drive

Get in the car and go for a normal drive. As you sit down in the car, listen for a squeak from the rear of the vehicle. One sign that the shock absorbers have started to fail is loud noise they produce when pressure is applied. While you are driving around the block, pay attention to how the car reacts over lumps and bumps. You will be able to tell if the shock absorbers are not working.

Step 2 - Press on the Car

Firmly press down on any corner of the car. Step back and let the body of the car rise. It should rise back up but not bounce, if it does bounce more than once, it will mean the shock absorber on that corner of the car needs replacing.

Step 3 - Check Tires

Visually inspect your tires slowly and carefully. Look for worn and patchy spots because these are signs the shock absorbers are allowing the car to bounce over bumpy areas.