How to Throw a Summer Party When You Have Pets

Summer is the official season for socializing and celebrating with friends, and what better way to do so than to host your own summer party? Having a party at home cuts out the need for expensive cab rides, cover charges, endless lines at the bar, and overpriced drinks. Yes, summer time is the perfect time to kick it at home and invite over your pals for celebrations. But, what about our furry friends?

While we are outside enjoying ourselves in the blissful heat, our animal companions may come face to face with some safety issues that could end with a dark cloud looming over the day/evening's festivities. We don't mean to scare you, but many of our party indulgences can actually cause serious harm to our pets. It's time to start planning your parties with your pets in mind!

With a few conscientious changes and a little bit of strategic planning, we can pet accident-proof our parties and relax knowing our companions are also having the time of their lives!

Create a Safe Haven for your Pets

Your pet is used to having its own space and environment, complete with all its toys, treats, blankets, etc. When guests come into this space and get a little loud, it can over-stimulate your pets and scare them!

Before your party kicks off, be sure to create a little relaxation area for your pet to kick back and have almost as much fun as you intend on having. However, be sure not to keep this space locked up away from the party. Allow your pets to roam freely between this space and the party. Locking your pet away is likely to stress him or her as well. It is better to create an optional retreat for the pet, not a temporary jail.

If your pet does run away to hide in its little room, avoid trying to coax him or her out. Let your pet relax and try not to overwhelm it. Be sure to check on him or her every now and again, just to reassure it that everything is okay.

Do Not Feed the Animals

Tell all of your party guests that scraps are off limits, no matter how much your cat or dog might beg and plead. Many of the foods commonly served up at summer parties are unsafe for domesticated animals to consume. Salty chips, chocolate, and heavily seasoned meat from the grill are dangerous for them.

Instead of feeding fur babies unwanted scraps, encourage your guests to get your pet moving and play games together. A healthy game of fetch with Fido is just as rewarding as that unhealthy slither of meat from the grill.

Keep Drinks Away

Alcoholic beverages can be incredibly harmful, oftentimes poisonous, to pets. Certain pets can reportedly become weak, ill, and, in some cases, may even go into a coma after accidentally consuming alcoholic beverages.

This being said, guests don’t need to substitute their Piña Coladas for a Virgin Marys. Non-alcoholic beverages can be just as harmful for your pets anyways. The best course of action is to keep your pets’ water bowls full with fresh water and to ask your friends to be mindful when putting their drinks down.

Secure Party Favors and Decorations

Party favors and decorations are fun for everyone – including your furry friends! But be careful, those party favors and decorations are not made for pets, and who knows what they may get up to when your back is turned and you’re entertaining.

As you would with small children, make sure that all small items are secured in places away from your pets. Again, there’s no need to be overly boss, or demanding when it comes down to your guests. Simply ask them to avoid the temptation to share their treats, favors, and decorations with the pets and all will be well!