How to Tie a Clothesline Pulley Knot

What You'll Need
Clothes line
Two posts (to which the clothesline will be attached)

A clothesline pulley is an excellent way to save money while taking care of the environment. In fact, using a clothesline pulley drastically reduces the amount of energy you use, so it will have a positive effect on your energy bill. Fortunately, creating your own clothesline pulley system is neither too complicated nor too expensive. Indeed, most general stores will have specific clothesline pulley kits in stock, which you can buy and set up in your house to start benefitting from this energy-saving system. One of the trickier parts of assembling the pulley is to  tie the knot—this guide will clarify that stage for you.

Step 1 – Buy the Clothesline

The first thing you will need to do is to buy a suitable clothesline for your system. Most hardware stores will stock such clotheslines, so you can check which store has the best quality at the best price. A 24-foot long cotton clothesline should be good enough in most cases. 

Step 2 – Choose the Best Location

The place where your clothesline pulley system will be is of utmost importance, and as such it needs to be chosen carefully and logically. For one, you need to find an area which is generally clear of any activity, since you do not want to have a clothesline in your way. A good amount of sunlight and wind is naturally very desirable, since it will help your clothes to dry more quickly. As for the posts, you may either erect two yourself or else make use of two strong trees. 

Step 3 – Determine the Best Length

Once you find the right spot, you will need to see how high you can afford to install the clothesline. Keep in mind that it has to be high enough for the clothes to be at a safe distance from the ground, yet low enough for you to reach it comfortably.  

Step 4 – Tie the Knot

It is now time to get the knot ready. First, wrap the clothesline around one of the posts you will use. Slip the shorter end of the rope underneath the longer end, and thread it down right through the hole you formed. Next, get the shorter end up again and lower it once more through the hole. Finally, bring the shorter end around and get it in front of your latest loops. Slip it down the last hole, bring it up and tighten it against the previous knots.

Step 5 – Adjust the Tightness

Work by trial and error until you achieve the tightness you wish. To make the rope tighter you will have to push the knot in, while to loosen it you will need to pull the knot out.

Tying a clothesline pulley knot is probably the trickiest part of getting your system up and running. A good deal of patience is vital if you are to get the knot tied right, so make sure you are calm before attempting to do it, or you might get too frustrated to get the whole job done well.