How to Tile around a Garden Tub

Lead Image
  • 4-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 10-300
What You'll Need
Drop cloth
Green board
Utility knife
Drywall tape
Drywall putty
Wire mesh
Tile spacers
Putty knife

A garden tub is routinely installed as a 1-piece fiberglass or acrylic unit. The sides of the garden tub are usually bowed outward. This type of tub is typically used in a master bathroom. It is great for bubble baths and for soaking your aching and tired body after a long day at work. There are usually one or two steps leading up to the tub. The tub tends to be raised higher off the floor. On high-end units, you will find whirlpool jets. Tilling around your newly installed garden tub is an easy-to-do task. Follow the below step by step process on how to tile around a garden tub.

Preparation for the Bathroom Garden Tub Project

In order to properly complete this type of project and have the project look fantastic, you must clean the bathroom thoroughly. Particularly, you need to clean the walls behind your tub with a warm and mild soapy water solution. Use a soft sponge for the best results.

Protect the Surroundings

As with any other hard surface project, you must make sure all surroundings are well protected. Cover the tub with a drop cloth or tarp. Floors, towel racks, and other surfaces that are prone to scratching must also be protected. The last thing you want to do is to replace additional pieces of furniture in the bathroom.

Add Green Board

Unless your home has just been built, there is a good chance that there is plain drywall above your tub. You must remove the drywall at least 1.5 feet up from the tub. Use a drywall knife and carefully score the drywall to cut away the section. Remove it and throw it away.

Install the green board. Green board is specialized drywall that resists mildew and mold from exposure to heat and humidity. It will also prevent your tiles from lifting. Hang the green board with drywall screws and drywall tape. Smooth the wall with drywall putty. Allow the wall to sit for at least 24 hours.

Tile and Grout

Add a wire mesh to your green board. Nail or screw the wire mesh to your already installed green board. Apply tile concrete to the mesh. Only add a thin layer of tile concrete. Smooth completely with a trowel. Add your tiles to the wire mesh. Using spacers, space your tiles appropriately along the wall. Use a level to keep all your tiles in line. Allow it to dry for another 24 to 48 hours.

Apply the grout to the tile. Do not add more grout than needed. Allow your project to dry for at least 48 hours before use.