How to Tile around an Electrical Floor Outlet

What You'll Need
Masking tape
Tile cutters or nippers
Tile adhesive
Tile spacers

Tiling around an electrical floor outlet is not that difficult but just takes a little patience to do the best job. The following is a step by step instruction list on how to tile around the electrical floor outlet.

Step 1 - Turn Off the Electricity

Make sure the electrical supply at the floor outlet is off. Walk down to your circuit breaker panel and turn off the circuit that powers the floor outlet you will be working around.

Step 2 - Remove the Face Plate

With a screw driver you will loosen the socket screws at the floor outlet to remove the face plate. Put the face plate up for safe keeping so you can reinstall it later.

Take masking tape and tape over the face of the outlet socket. This will protect the socket from any mishaps with flying material and pieces of tile.

Step 3 - Lay Screen and Mortar

Lay the tile screening onto the floor. Use snips to cut the wire mesh around the floor outlet. Make sure the mesh does not overlap or hide the outlet.

Using your trowel, lay the mortar over the screening. Make sure the mortar is spread evenly over the floor surface. Check the level of the mortar using a straight level.

Do not lay the mortar over the electrical outlet.

Step 4 - Lay the Tile

Make sure that the tile will not overlap onto the electrical outlet.  Place the tile up to the outlet, if there happens to be an overlap, trim it with some nippers.

Apply a small amount of the adhesive you will be using to the back of the tile. Place the tile near the electrical outlet and apply pressure for up to and at least 10 seconds.

After the tile is in place around the electrical outlet you will need to use spacers to around the tile to be able to apply the grout around the tiles. You can use a match stick if you don’t have the proper spacers.

Step 5 - Apply Grout

Using a spreader or your index finger works well, spread all around the tile with the grout.  Make sure you press it firmly many times.  Once the grout is packed remove the excess grout by running your finger up and down the line of the tile. Remove the spacers and let the tile dry for at least 1 hour.

Step 6 - Reinstall Face Plate

When you are certain that your tiling job is completely dry, reinstall the face plate.

Step 7 - Turn on the Electricity

Turn the electricity back on by flipping the switch on your circuit breaker box.


  • If you are installing tile and the tile is higher than the outlet, you will need to remove the socket altogether and pull it up so that the face plate and outlet can rest flush with the tile surface you are laying.