How to Tint a Motorcycle Windshield

What You'll Need
2 spray bottles
Oil-free soap
Utility knife
Safety pin
Masking tape
Bone tool
Blow dryer

A motorcycle windshield is made out of a tough kind of plastic, unlike car or truck windshields, which are made out of glass. A motorcycle windshield is very prone to glare, which can make looking through them difficult for the rider. One solution is to remove the motorcycle windshield all together, but tinting it is more beneficial. The article that follows will show you how you can tint your motorcycle windshield yourself.

Step 1 - Clean the Windshield

The windshield needs to be cleaned in order for the tint to stick properly. Fill one of the spray bottles with soap and water and the other spray bottle with plain water. Spray the windshield with soapy water and wipe it off with the towel. Rinse away soap residue with plain water and dry it off with a towel.

Step 2 - Cut the Tint

Trimming window tint can be a difficult task to get right. This is even harder when dealing with a motorcycle windshield due to its curvature. You may want to locate window tint that has been sized for your window. If you can't find one already sized, then place the window tint on the inside of the windshield. Tape it in place with the masking tape. Cut around the edges to get the basic shape. Use the utility knife to do precise trimming.

Step 3 - Applying the Tint

You'll have to work fast, as applying window tint is tricky. Spritz the windshield with soapy water. Make sure the windshield is liberally wet. Remove the back from the window tint and carefully place it on the windshield. Try to center it as much as possible. Move the window tint around the windshield until it is in place and centered. The soapy water allows you to this easily. Continuously spray the tint with soapy water, as it needs to be wet in order for you to move it. Once the tint is in place, you will need to remove air bubbles. Do this by sliding a squeegee over the tint using medium pressure. Tuck the edges of the tint under the rubber around the motorcycle windshield by using the bone tool.

Step 4 - Air Bubbles

Air bubbles are bound to happen when you apply window tint. These air bubbles will remain even if you keep the tint wet and use the squeegee. A difficult way to remove air bubbles is by removing the film and putting it back on, but this can cause more air bubbles. A more effective solution is to poke the bubbles with a safety pin, but only using one hole per air pocket. Spray down the tint with more soapy water if you see it drying out. Squeegee the window tint, making sure you press the air bubbles toward the holes you made. The air will escape through the holes.