How to Tint Windows

What You'll Need
Window tint
Spray bottle filled with water
Spray bottle filled with soapy water
X-acto knife
Safety pin
Lint-free towel
Masking tape
Bone tool
Blow dryer

If you want to tint windows then you may need to be ready for a process that can try your patience. Tinting the windows of your home or your car is done in the same manner. You should, however, check with your home state prior to putting tint on your car windows. Some states have strict laws against tinted car windows. The following information will help you easily and properly tint windows.

Step 1 - Clean Surface

In order to properly tint windows they need to be very clean. Use soapy water to spray the window, and then wipe it off with the lint-free towel. Use plain water to rinse off any soap residue that may remain. Dry the window with the towel.

Step 2 - Cut the Window Tint

Cutting the window tint to fit your project can prove to be an issue. Some companies create window tint material that is already cut. This is a great time saver in the long run if you can find the right film and the extra cost does not bother you. Place the window tint over the area you wish to cover. Tape the film in place and then use the X-acto knife to begin trimming the window tint. Take your time when doing this, because a mistake here can be very costly in both time and money.

Step 3 - Applying the Window Tint Film

This is where the process becomes tricky. You have to be able to work fairly fast in order to properly apply the window tint. Spray the window down with soapy water. Remove the backing from the window tint and place it on the window you are planning on tinting. Spray the top of the window tint with more soapy water. It is important to keep the tint moist in order to move it around the area and remove any air pockets. Slide the squeegee over the window tint in straight lines with medium pressure. If you use too much pressure you may rip the window tint film. Use the bone tool to make sure the window tint is under rubber moldings.

Step 4 - Removing Air Bubbles

Even when the window tint is on correctly you may notice areas that are holding small pockets of air. You can remove the window tint and try again and get air bubbles in a different location, or you can try an easier and more effective way. Use the safety pin and poke small holes where the air bubbles are located. Use one hole per pocket of air. Wet the window tint again if it is getting too dry. Use the squeegee and gently smooth the air bubbles toward the holes. The air will escape and the holes will be so small that they won't be noticed.