How to Transfer a Glass Etching Design to Vinyl

What You'll Need
Glass etching
Black charcoal pencil
Transfer paper
Vinyl cling material
Utility knife
Colored permanent markers
Masking tape
Fine tip marker
Light box or window with a lot of light
Plain paper

Glass etching is a great craft or hobby you can start at home at your own pace with very few materials and little cost to you. A glass etching is essentially a chemical process that eats away the top layer of glass. When this layer is removed you are left with a white surface that is somewhat textured. You can create all kinds of designs with glass etching from very basic to advanced. It is not as easy, however, to create those same designs on vinyl. Vinyl designs can be used on glass as a window cling and some glass etching designs would be perfect on vinyl. You can, however, transfer a glass etching to vinyl and this article will show you how.

Step 1 - Making the Rubbing

To transfer a design from a glass etching you need to find a way to do this clearly and quickly. Many people will usually create a vinyl design from a glass etching by creating a stamp form the design on the glass. This is usually done by spreading black ink over the glass with a roller and then pressing the paper on top of it. This moves the ink to the paper creating a void that is the design. Though this will work it will also damage the glass etching. In order to create a transfer that will not damage the glass etching you will use a charcoal pencil and transfer paper. Place the transfer paper on top of the etching and tape it down so it will not move. Use medium pressure and begin rubbing over the transfer paper with the charcoal pencil. This same void is created but does not damage the glass etching.

Step 2 - Transfer to Vinyl

Now that you have the etching you have some grunt work to do. Though this is an effective way to transfer a glass etching to vinyl it also creates a design that is messy. To get a working transfer you will need to clean it up. Tape the transfer paper to the light box or window and tape the plain paper on top of it. Use the fine tip marker to trace the design to the paper. Remove the paper from the transfer paper and color in the design as it is meant to be.

Step 3 - Making the Vinyl Design

Place the new, cleaned up design onto a flat surface and tape it down. Put the vinyl on top of the design and tape it down as well. Use the fine tip marker again to trace the design. If you want it to remain black and white then simply color it in otherwise use the colored markers to color it however you see fit. Let the ink dry and then trim the vinyl. You can also cut out the non-colored portions. Peel away the back and place on a window.