How to Transplant a Hickory Tree Sapling

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What You'll Need
Composted organic matter

A hickory tree is a welcome addition to any yard. It provides shade, shelter from the wind, wood to be used as fuel, timber, and nuts. The nuts are delicious treats for people and wildlife. Hickory trees require special care when you plant them, to ensure they grow strong and healthy.

Step 1 - Choose a Site

Selecting an appropriate site is an important first step in planting a hickory tree. Check the pH level of the soil to ensure it is neutral to acidic. This type of tree does best in deep clay loam soil. Also be sure that the area you choose has good drainage.

Step 2 - Transplant

When digging up your sapling, make sure you dig around the root system. Pull the sapling straight out of the hole. The sapling should be at the same depth at its new location.

Step 3 - Care

Adding composted organic matter to the planting site will help your hickory tree grow, as this helps the soil retain water.

It's best to plant bare-root nursery-grown trees in the large seedling or sapling stage of growth. When the trees are this age, they require special care to avoid root damage. You can do this by storing the saplings in a cool area before planting, and soaking the roots in water for a few minutes.