How to Transplant a Hollyhock

What You'll Need
Gardening hose

The biennial plant, hollyhock is characterized by its large and triumphant blossoms which cascade in numbers from a main stock. These plants bloom after their second season of life and will live for numerous years if they’re properly cared for. Transplanting a hollyhock is a fairly easy process and is usually successful if it is executed properly with care and patients.

TIP: Transplanting a mature hollyhock can potentially kill it; it is not a good idea to transplant a hollyhock that has grown a taproot. It is best to transplant the seedlings which sprout at the base of a mature mother plant. Despite the fact that transplanting a mature hollyhock has a low success rate, it is possible. This article will give you step by step instructions detailing the procedure one must take to successfully transplant a mature hollyhock.

Step 1: Prepare for the Transplant

Prepare for the transplant by thoroughly watering the hollyhock that you plan on transplanting the day before you wish to carry out the procedure. Make sure that the soil is completely moist and saturated; this will make it easier for you to remove it from the ground the next day. In addition to soaking the mother plant, you should soak the area where you plan on transplanting the bush.

Step 2: Gather Supplies and Dig

To execute this task, you will require a gardening hose, gloves, and a strong and sturdy shovel. After gathering your supplies, you will need to deep trench around the circumference of the plant. The depth of the trench is dependent upon how large and established your hollyhock is. You want to dig down as close as possible to the depth of the longest roots, at least two feet.

Dig a circle around the plant at least one foot from the base of the hollyhock at least two feet deep. During this process you will be digging around the root ball and should not come into contact with the under growth of the plant. At this point you should begin watering; you will need to water during transplanting.

Step 3: Uproot the Entire Plant

Use your shovel in a wedging and prying motion to completely uproot the hollyhock’s root ball. Be gentle and take care not to sever any of the roots during this process; especially the taproot. Once the plant is successfully uprooted, you should place it in a wheelbarrow for transport; carrying the plant by its main stem can potentially kill the entire plant.

Step 4: Replant the Hollyhock

Take the hollyhock to the area where you have decided to replant it. Use your shovel to dig a hole that is slightly larger than the root ball of the hollyhock. Make it deeper in the center to encourage root growth. Place the uprooted hollyhock directly into the hole and fill up whatever space remains with dirt. Completely soak the transplanted hollyhock and replace any dirt that may have been displaced in the process.