How to Transplant a Jade Plant

The jade plant is an easy-to-grow and hardy plant from the group known as succulents. They can be planted in containers and kept as house plants, or in the warm, dry conditions of the southern states of the US planted in the ground. The jade plant can last for a surprisingly long time, given the right care, and will grow in to a tree of around 5 feet in height. Jade plants are easy to care for, although keen plant growers may suffer frustration at their obstinate refusal to flower.

Transplanting a Jade Plant

You will need to ensure that you have the correct kind of soil before you begin, and gather the tools you will need in preparation, such as the clippers, a spade, and a watering can.

Before you can transplant your jade, you need to make sure that the soil mix in your container is of the correct type. The jade plant needs a certain kind of soil; it will not be happy with common garden earth soil, nor a sand and gravel growing mix. Instead, they like a mixture of coarse earth and sand, plus around a quarter of sphagnum. The soil should also be treated to ensure that it is free of spores and other fungi and weeds. Ensure that the soil is well-draining, as the jade plant is vulnerable to rotting if left in damp conditions.

Transfering the Jade Plant

If you are moving the plant from a garden location, or from another container, you will need to dig up the root ball (these are usually quite small in the jade plant), and then lay the roots onto a piece of cloth: a table cloth would do. Drag the jade, don't carry it, to the new location. If you have bought the jade from a garden center, then use the cutters to remove any plastic or wire that has been placed around the tree.  

Trimming the Jade Tree

It is always a good idea when transferring a tree to trim away brown or damaged branches and stems. In the jade plant, you should remove any dead wood, and cut away any part of the root that looks dead or misshapen. Very long roots, or any that have become wrapped around the jade plant's base should also be cut free: make these cuts as close as possible to the rootball.

Putting the Jade into a Container

If putting the jade plant into a container, place a little of the soil along the bottom, and then place the jade plant on to of this. It will need to be planted to a similar depth to that of its original container (in garden center plants this can be seen by a grow-line on the jade plant).

When the jade plant has been centered in the container, place more of the soil into the pot, until the grow-line is covered. Leave the jade plant for several days in a warmish room with lots of light. After about a week, water the plant thoroughly, but ensure that all the water drains away. Keep watering the plant regularly, and after a month, feed the plant with a good quality plant food.