How to Transplant an Ash Tree

What You'll Need

The ash tree is a common sight in North America. Over 60 different species spread from Canada down to Mexico. The ash tree is a large deciduous tree that can grow 60 to 80 feet tall. The tree has stout twigs with large leaves. The wood from an ash tree is highly prized for its flexibility. Many pieces of sports equipment and tool handles are made from ash.

You can easily transplant an ash tree in your landscape by following a few simple steps.

Step 1 - Scout Locations for Ash Tree

Scope out the area where you are going to transplant it. The soil should be well-drained and not in a depression. One good way to test the soil is to dig a hole 18 inches deep. Pour some water in it and let it sit there overnight. If the water is gone in the morning, that is good soil for your ash tree.

Also keep in mind that when your ash tree is fully grown, it will be over 60 feet tall and quite wide. The canopy of the ash tree can span 30 to 40 feet. Make sure you choose a location with no buildings or powerlines that will get in the way of the tree.

Step 2 - Select Young Trees

Once the tree has matured for several years, it is more difficult to transplant. The root ball will be rather extensive by this time; as a result, you may have trouble when you try to dig it up. When you transplant an ash tree, select one only a few years old and no larger than 10 to 15 feet tall.

Step 3 - Dig around the Tree

Measure the diameter of the trunk of the tree. Double that measurement to calculate the number of feet for your digging diameter. For instance, if the trunk is 3 inches in diameter, you will need to dig a hole that is six feet in diameter to make sure you get the entire root system. Use a spade shovel and being digging in a cone-shaped pattern.

Step 4 - Lift Out the Tree

Set out a burlap bag or some other kind of fabric that can breathe. Soak the burlap with water. Start to tip the tree and get the shovel underneath it. Lift the tree and set it on the burlap. Wrap the the bag around the root ball.

Step 5 - Dig a New Hole

With your shovel, dig a hole that is roughly double the size of the root ball. It should be in a conical shape with the point at the bottom. Fill it with some organic compost and water.

Step 6 - Transplant the Ash Tree

Once the hole is ready, slide the ash tree into the hole and fill the hole with the remainder of the soil. Make sure the tree sits level in the hole as you fill in the soil.