How to Trim Bifold Doors to Adjust for Longer Carpets

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  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-30
What You'll Need
Pry bar

Bifold doors are among the most popular doors used in closets and other parts of the home. They are excellent as doors to small or enclosed spaces because the doors themselves fold outward to open up the space as much as possible. Bifold doors can be somewhat frustrating to maintain, however. In addition to occasionally falling off of the track on which they're set, your bifold doors may also get caught on the carpet on the outside of the door. If this is the case, you will not be able to move the door easily. Rather than attempt to force the door open or closed, which may damage the door or the carpet, consider trimming the bottom of the door as an adjustment.

Step 1 - Attempt to Raise the Door

Before going to the trouble of trimming your door, first attempt to adjust it so that it is out of the way of the carpet. You can adjust the height of the door by examining the pivot at the bottom of the door. By raising the pivot you will subsequently bring the door itself up as well. If you are able to lift up the base of the door by a sufficient amount so that it is no longer caught on the carpet, you may stop right here.

Step 2 - Measure the Base of the Door

If, on the other hand, the first step does not prove successful, you will have to trim the base of the door. Open the door slightly and examine where the carpet interferes with the opening and closing process. Make a mark on the door at that point. Be careful not to make the mark too high as this will alter the appearance of the door significantly. Typically, about one half to 1 inch will be adequate.

Step 3 - Remove the Door

Removing the door from the pivots can be tricky. Adjust both the top and bottom pivots to allow the most slack for the door. If this doesn't prove sufficient to allow you to remove the door from the frame, gently wedge a pry bar underneath the base of the door and remove the bottom pivot first. Set the door down lengthwise on a work table.

Step 4 - Cut the Door from the Back

Carefully cut the door at the marked point. You may find it helpful to draw out the cutting line first. To keep the front of the door clean and smooth, cut the door from the back side. Once you have trimmed off the bottom portion of the door, sand the new base down until it is smooth. Finally, install the door on the pivots once again and ensure that it will open and close smoothly.

Bifold doors are easy to adjust at home. However, it may be easier if you account for your bifold doors as you are installing new carpet, rather than after the fact. As you are preparing to add new carpet to your floors, carefully examine your bifold doors for an idea of how high the carpet can be without interfering.