How to Trim Built-In Bookshelves

What You'll Need
1 by 2 inch trim
Measuring tape
Wood glue
Sixpenny nails
Router and 1/2 inch roundover bit

Adding trim to your built in bookshelves can be just what is needed to put the finishing touch on your project.

Step 1 - Select Your Trim

There are many kinds of trim available ranging from different kinds of woods to different sizes of trim. Generally, for a bookshelf you will want to use a small trim, such as a 1 by 2 inch trim. If you will be painting the bookshelf, the wood type is not of the highest concern, however, if you will keep the natural wood look, you will want to select a trim made from the same wood as the rest of your bookshelf.

Step 2 - Measure and Cut the Trim

Measure your bookshelf and cut the trim to the specifications before attaching it. You can also miter the corners of the trim before installation if you prefer.

Step 3 - Attach the Trim

Trim can be easily attached to your built in bookshelf using glue and sixpenny nails. Carefully glue and then attach the trim with nails, paying special attention to not split the molding. Once the trim is all in place, smooth any rough edges with a router fitted with a 1/2 inch roundover bit.  

Adding trim to your built in bookshelf will finish your project with a professional look so that you can enjoy it for years to come.