How to Tumble Travertine

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Travertine tile that is tumbled is the desired tile product used in bathroom design. Because of the porous nature of tumbled travertine tile, it is typically used as a backsplash for a shower and bath. Tumbled travertine comes in many different types, styles, colors, and designs. Travertine is a type of terrestrial sedimentary rock that is found near heated hot springs. This is what creates the porous nature of the travertine stone.

Travertine tile is typically tumbled by the manufacturer when producing the tile work. This produces the porous surface that is desired when used in construction. The process for tumbling travertine is none that cannot be done easily at home or by a do-it-yourselfer. The best way to tumble travertine is to purchase the product ready-made for use in the project that you wish to use it in.

Although this article is a how-to on tumbling travertine, you will be hard-pressed to find much information about the actual process. That is because the term tumbled travertine refers to the manufacturing of travertine stone once it has been quarried. This article will discuss what travertine tiles are as they relate to counter, flooring, and backsplashes in a home.

Purchase Travertine Tile

A tile store or home improvement center will have examples of travertine tile that you can purchase for your home remodeling project or renovation. The tumbled travertine tile has a distinctive look given its porous nature and rough exterior appearance.

Find Examples of Tumbled Travertine Tile in Use

After looking at the different types of tumbled travertine tile that are available, look for examples of how the travertine tile are used in a home. A showroom is a good place to go to find those examples of how tumbled travertine is used. Look for how it is installed in the bathroom, kitchen and other areas of a residence to determine how a tumbled travertine tile may be used in your project.

Find the Manufacturer of the Tumbled Travertine Tile

The manufacturer who tumbled the travertine tile can provide you with insight into how the tile tumbling process took place. This will help you better understand what takes place when the travertine is tumbled and give you more knowledge that may be useful when you get ready to attempt the installation in your home.

The manufacturer’s information should be easy to obtain and locate. The retailer can also provide you with a list of tumbled travertine tile manufacturers that you can contact in order to learn more about the process.

If you would like to learn more information about tumbling travertine it is best to get it straight from the source, which is the tile’s manufacturer. The availability of information concerning how to tumble travertine is practically non-existent online and going to a company that understands how the process works will help you learn better how this process works and how you may be able to accomplish it yourself.