How to Tune Up Your Go Kart Engine

Unless a go kart engine is tuned to perfection it will not provide a truly enjoyable experience. A go kart engine is maintained in a similar way to that of an automobile which, with the help of a few tips it is easy to learn.

Change the Oil

In order to maintain a go kart engine, it is important to change the oil, this can best be done by consulting the owner’s manual which will show where to find the drain plug in the oil tank. The location may vary as different manufacturers place them in different places, but in most cases it will be found beneath the oil fill tube.

Next, open up the plug to drain the oil and use a pan to contain it. After emptying out the oil tank, close the oil tank and fill it up with appropriate engine oil. It may also be necessary to put in a fresh oil filter.

Check the Spark Plug

Most Go Kart engines work with just a single spark plug. A normal spark plug wrench can help to remove the spark plug. Often, the electrodes may appear to be burnt out and if so, replace the spark plug entirely. However, it may only be necessary to adjust the plug gap. For help on the right distance between the two, consult the owner's manual.

In case there is nothing apparently wrong with the spark plug, put the spark plug back into its place. If a replacement is required, note down the numbers on the plug to help find the right replacement spark plug.

Spark Plug Wire

The spark plug wire can wear out over time, in these cases a replacement is necessary. If there is nothing wrong with the wire then move on to the next step.

Air Filter

Check to see if the air filter needs replacing. If you look at the top of the carburetor you will find the air filter enclosed in a metal casing. To get the filter out, unscrew the casing lid.

Take out the air filter and give it a thorough checkup. Use water and soap to clean out the air filter gently and then wait for it to dry. The inside too should be properly cleaned in a similar manner. If the air filter is torn or extremely dirty, replace it with a new one.

Fuel Air Mixture

The fuel and air mixture should be adjusted properly on all engines. While Go Kart engines are not as sophisticated as car engines, their engines need to be tuned up from time to time. This can be accomplished by using a screwdriver with which to rotate the carburetor’s needle valve in a clockwise direction until it will not turn any more. Count the number of turns made so that it is easy to reset the mixture, if required.

These steps will, when completed, help to fine tune a go kart engine. Once done, start the engine and listen to how it sounds. The sound should resemble that of a new Go Kart which will show that you have been successful in tuning up the engine. If not, it may be necessary to repeat some of the above-mentioned steps or checks. Once done, expect to get thousands of kilometers of trouble-free performance out of your go kart.