How to Turn an Old Clawfoot Bathtub into a New Outdoor Planter

What You'll Need
Clawfoot Bathtub
Mild Detergent
Tape Measurer
Plastic Bristle Brush
Large Drill Bit
Medium Bag of Small Rocks
Flat Spray Paint (Choice of Color)
4 Decorating Blocks
3 Large Bags of Potting Soil

A clawfoot bathtub has always added charm to an antique themed bathroom. With the modern upgrades of today's bathroom environments, clawfoot bathtubs have been used to create beautifully arranged planters for your outdoor lawn or patio. Converting your clawfoot bathtub into a conversation piece is easier than you think. With the proper tools and instruction, you can turn your bathtub into a new home for your plants.

Step 1 - Prepare Exterior

Depending upon the condition of the exterior of your tub, you will need to get the exterior clean and ready for sanding. If your tub has been stored away and heavy with dust and dirt, you will need to clean it with mild detergent. Mix the detergent with water and scrub the outside of tub with the scrub brush. Rinse and ensure all traces of dust and dirt are removed. Allow tub to dry.

Step 2 - Drill Drainage Holes

To avoid the roots of your plants to become damaged in your planter, you will need to drill holes in the bottom of the tub to drain water properly. Flip the tub so that all four legs are facing up. With our drill, make 8 to 10 holes in the bottom of the tub. This will allow the water to drain from the tub evenly.

Step 3 - Sanding

While you have the tub with the legs up, now is a good time to sand the exterior. With your sandpaper, sand the tub to remove any rough spots and peeling paint. Once all areas have been sanded, rinse the exterior to remove any debris and allow the tub to dry. 

Step 4 - Paint

In a well ventilated area and with the color of paint that you chose, you will now paint the entire exterior of the tub. Ensure you spray the pain evenly from one side to the other. Hold the can 2-3 inches from the surface of the tub to prevent the paint from running as you are painting. Once you have painted the exterior of the tub, inspect for any spots that may be light and apply more paint for an even finish. Allow paint to dry.

Step 5 - Place Decorating Blocks 

Measure the distance between the legs of the tub by width and length. Once done, place your decorating blocks by the dimensions measured. Be sure to measure the stones from the center as this is where the legs of the tub will be placed.

Step 6 - Place Tub on Blocks

Once the tub is dry, place it on the blocks ensuring the legs are directly centered on the blocks. 

Step 7 - Add Rocks and Potting Soil

Once the tub is in position, place the rocks evenly in the bottom of the tub. The rocks will prevent any soil from clogging the holes. Once rocks are in place, add potting soil. Leave 3-4 inches from surface of soil to top of tub.

Step 8 - Plant

You are now ready to place your plants in your new outdoor planter