How to Unclog a Windshield Washer Pump

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A windshield washer pump is the last thing on your mind when you start your car. But when the washer pump is clogged, it’s the only thing you can focus on as your windshield can not be cleaned well.

Look at the Pump

Put your car in park and look at the place where your windshield wiper fluid is ejected onto the window. If you can not see this place, pop the hood to see if you can get a better look at the pump there. Check to see if there is anything blocking the pump.

Ways to Clear Blockages

If you notice debris blocking the pump, remove it to solve your problem. If the pump is iced over, take some warm water and pour it over the pump to help loosen up the flow. If neither of these steps work, take a pin and try to poke it into the hole where the fluid is excreted to remove the blockage. And if none of these steps work, take your car to your mechanic to see if they can find the problem.

A windshield wiper pump becomes clogged from time to time, but fixing the problem takes only minutes of your time. It is a car repair you can easily DIY.