How to Use a Brass Ferrule

What You'll Need
Brass ferrule
Crimping tool
Wire cutters

A brass ferrule is a small bracelet which is commonly used for fastening, joining or reinforcing cables and polythene tubing. Brass ferrules can also be used in woodwork to secure a chisel blade to the wooden handle and they're often found on walking sticks or pool cues. Ferrules can also be made from steel or plastic and are available from hardware stores. Here is a guide to help you use a brass ferrule.


Step One – Size

Brass ferrules come in a variety of shapes and sizes and it is important that you choose the correct size. To do this, make sure that the cable or wood can fit easily and snugly into the ferrule without the need for any crimping or the use of an adhesive.

Step Two – Fraying

Ensure that the cable, tubing or wood is clean with no frayed edges or splinters. If there is fraying on the wire, use a pair of wire cutters and cut it to the point that is just above the frayed wire. If there are splinters on the wood, use sand paper to sand it down until smooth. This will ensure that you can slip the brass ferrule into place with ease. 

Step Three - Fitting

If you're using the brass ferrule on cable, make a loop with the cable and push the ferrule over the cable until it is resting where the cable joins. To use a ferrule on polythene tubing, the process is similar as you will need to be push it into place over the tube itself. To use the brass ferrule on a wooden pool cue or a wooden handle for tools, push it into place so that the ferrule rests on the butt of the wood. 

Step Four - Crimping

Once the ferrule is in its desired location, put the jaws of the crimping tool over the ferrule and push down. This will secure the ferrule into place. Repeat this process all around the ferrule until it cannot be moved out of its location. If the ferrule is being used on a pool cue and it is a little bit too big for the cue, use some adhesive to secure it into place. 

If you are applying the brass ferrule to other wooden implements, you will need to apply a small amount of adhesive and crimp it. This will ensure that it is secured tightly. A brass ferrule will not need to be crimped when used with polythene tubing because once the compression nut is reapplied and tightened, it will crimp the ferrule into place automatically.