How to Use a Carpet Power Stretcher

Carpet in a room.
  • 2-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-500
What You'll Need
Carpet knife
Stair tool/carpet tucker
Carpet power stretcher

A carpet power stretcher can be used to install a new carpet as well as for restoring the old, existing carpet. If your carpet has become worn-out and has become very crumpled, then using a carpet power stretcher is definitely the best solution. This will smooth out your carpet and will bring it back to life. Usage of a carpet stretcher will allow you to stretch the carpet professionally without rubbing off your knees. Read below to figure out how exactly to use a carpet power stretcher.

Step 1 - Take Necessary Precautions

You should read the user's manual very carefully before using the carpet stretcher and the other equipment provided. For more accurate cutting of the carpet, you should only use a carpet knife and not a utility knife because it has specially designed blades that are thinner than the utility knives. Keep changing the blades frequently. You should carefully stretch the carpet and fasten it on the stripe, running along all sides of the room before trimming it. Carpet knife blades are double-sided so be extremely careful while using them.

Step 2 - Place the Stretcher

Fasten your carpet to the tack stripe at one end of the room. Then place the stretcher head at the other end of the room, making sure the stretcher head is at least 4 inches away from the wall and placed at a 30-degree angle to the stand-up wall.

Step 3 - Set the Extensions

Attach the tubes provided with the stretcher, know as extension tubes. Start from the powerhead towards the other end of the wall where you fastened the carpet. While going to the hooked side of the carpet, auto-lock the extension if the model of your carpet stretcher is fully equipped.

Step 4 - Adjust the Tail Back

Connect the end of the extension tubes with the tail block, but make sure you place the tail block with the wheel side down. You may make necessary amendments or modifications to the tubes so that the tail block adjusts easily against the wall.

Step 5 - Fix the Dial

Fix the dial on the power head in such a way that the pins pierce into the back of the carpet. Then push the handle of the stretcher head down according to the percentage of the carpet you want to stretch, for instance 1% to 1½%.

Step 6 - Tighten the Carpet

Now fasten the carpet onto the tack stripe. Then, tie up the carpet between the wall and the tack stripe with the help of a stair tool. Tighten the carpet to the wall as much as you can and trim any leftover carpet with a carpet knife. Use the stair tool again to tie up the edges to give a tidy look along the edge of the wall.