How to Use a Concrete Power Trowel

long trowel with handle on wet concrete
What You'll Need
Power trowel
Float pan
Knee boards
Hand float
Finish trowel

So, you have a concrete floor poured and ready for a concrete power trowel you've rented. But you've never used one of these machines, and you're not sure how to use it. Here are a few tips:

Step 1 - Know When to Trowel

To know when your concrete is ready to trowel, test the concrete by pressing down on it. If you feel a firmness, a resistance to your pressure, this is a good time to begin your troweling.

Step 2 - Use a Float Pan

float brush on wet concrete

For those who like to use a float pan, lay the pan on your concrete with your power trowel sitting on it.

Step 3 - Power Trowel Operation

Begin working a small area with the power trowel. You'll need your blades to run flat and smooth over the surface. As you are troweling and the concrete becomes more firm, increase the blade pitch.

Step 4 - Finish

When you're through with the troweling, remove the power trowel from the concrete so it doesn't stick to the surface when you're done and are ready to begin using your hand trowel.