About Floor Jacks

Floor jack lifting a pickup
  • 1-100 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-1,500

A floor jack is commonly referred to as a tool that can be used to change a car tire, work on brakes, or change the oil. The floor jack is used to elevate one corner of the car or truck from the ground. This can happen easily as the floor jacks use hydraulics to life the car. If used as per manufacturer’s specifications, this tool is very simple and safe to use.

Floor jacks are placed on the ground while using them and can lift between two to twenty tons. As per their weight, they are able to raise small or big vehicles. The tool's long arm needs to be pumped, making way for the mechanic to work beneath the rig.

Other Types of Floor Jacks

floor jack

Apart from the above mentioned type, there are two more types of floor jacks that are available in the market. Both are used for personal uses at homes and offices. The floor jack mentioned above is used by professional automobile repair shops. All three are known as floor jacks but as far as functions are considered: they are all different.

A floor jack can also be used to fix sagging floor joists or crumbling foundation walls. The floor jack is used to hold the house together to replace the foundation wall or to support the floors while the replacement joists are added. Once the work is done and the house is repaired, the house is gently lowered.

The third type of floor jack is used by telephone and cable operators to connect telephone wiring. The floor jack contains the phone plug-ins port and can be buried in the flooring. The tool is already wired and only needs to be connected to an existing telephone or data wiring within the house.

Floor Jack for Automobiles

two floor jacks side by side

For the purposes of this how-to information, we are referring to the first type of floor jack mentioned above. Apart from the floor jack, the user would need cinder blocks or 4 x 4 wood blocks, and 1/4 inch plywood sheet.

To use the floor jack, first ensure that you are using the right one for your car type. All floor jacks would have the weight written on them. Choose the right weighted floor jack for your vehicle. Ensure the surface on which the vehicle is parked is level.

How to Use an Automobile Floor Jack

Park the car where the floor jack is placed and chock the wheels that do not need to be lifted from the ground with the cinder or wooden blocks. Slide the floor jack under the vehicle and position it so that the lift portion makes contact with the car's undercarriage. Follow the specifications and look for the lift point for the specific model.

Pump the handle of the tool to raise the vehicle until the end is lifted. If you would like to carry out tasks under the car, place jack stands under the vehicle for added security in case the car accidentally lowers. To lower the vehicle, turn the handle in the other direction.