How to Use a Flowering Quince in Your Landscape

Flowering quince is a very popular plant for a number of different reasons. It can be used as a useful companion plant and it's great for garden designing. There are actually a number of different ways to use flowering quince in your borders and in your garden. We will now look at a number of these different uses.

Choosing the Site

The flowerng quince grows best in areas which have full or partial sunlight. The plants will be healthiest in areas of partial sunlight. It's also possible to grow them in partial shade.

Choosing the Variety

There are many different varieties of flowering quince available. When using these in your landscape, you will need to choose the right option to suit your garden design. Look at your local nursery to find out about the best types of flowers available.

Encouraging Blooms

Encourage the blooms by pruning the flowering quince regularly. This will encourage the plants to put energy into blooming.

Companion Planting

It's possible to use flowering quince as a type of companion plant. There are a number of plants which complement and work with the flowering quince, rather than stealing resources from it. The flowering quince bushes are shade tolerant, which means they can be planted under tall trees. They also work well with forsythia, day lilies, and irises. Planting these plants around flowering quince will actually help both plants to prosper.