How to Use a Glaziers Point

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  • 1-2 hours
  • 6-30
What You'll Need
Wood chisel
Putty knife
Glaziers points

If you are working on a window then you will need to be handling glaziers points. These points are important and necessary for any window replacement or glass repair that you may be doing as it not only helps to guide you while you work, it also ensures the stability of the window in the future. Here are a few steps to help you through the process on how to use glaziers points.

Step 1 - Uncover Old Glaziers Points

The first thing that you will need to do is uncover the old glaziers points. You can do this by using a wood chisel and a putty knife to scrape and pry off any of the old glaze and putty. If you insert the chisel between the putty and the glass you should be able to pry most of it off. The glaziers points are metal triangles and they are pretty small. They are basically used to keep the glass in the frame and secure it.

Step 2 - Remove Old Glaziers Points

You can use the chisel again to pry off any of the old glaziers points that you can find. They may be hard to see because of their size and many probably came off while you were trying to get the putty and old glaze off. To remove those that are left you may want to try using pliers. Once they have been removed you will want to clean off the frame.

Step 3 - Insert New Glaziers Points

Once you have gotten the frame ready and inserted the glass into it, you can insert the new glaziers points. When you are applying them you want to make sure that you are pressing straight down so that they do not end up angling out to one side and becoming uneven. Be sure to press down each side of the triangle so that the glass stays put. Once you have put the first point in, you will want to continue around the glass window placing new points in about 4 inches apart from one another. With the help of the putty knife you can press each of the points firmly into the wood. You might want to use a small hammer with very little pressure to help secure them into the wood if the edge of the putty knife doesn't get them in far enough. Slip the putty knife around the edges. this can help to avoid damaging the glass.

These steps should walk you through the use of glaziers points. Getting familiar with them will really benefit you as you will most likely run into using them some time in your life. Knowing what to expect and how to both remove and install them in the new window will help you to get your job done efficiently and correctly.