How to Use a Grout Float Properly

A grout float is a tool that is used to apply grout to the tile. It consists of a rectangular and flat metal head with a handle that facilitate the application of a smooth and even coat of grout on the floor. Although the grout float is a simple tool, handling it requires skill, thus here are the steps on how to use the grout float properly.

Step 1 -  Mix The Grout

Mix the grout to its proper consistency and put ample amount of grout on the grouting float.

Step 2 - Apply Grout On The Tile

Apply the mixture of grout to the surface of the tile.

Step 3 - Spread The Grout Evenly

Spread the grout on the tile evenly. Make sure that you spread it in a unidirectional manner. Do this procedure until the entire surface and the spaces between the tiles are completely filed with grout.

Step 4 - Remove The Excess Grout From The Tile Surface

Hold the grout float at a 45-angle and drag or scrape it across the surface of the tile. 

Step 5 - Clean The Grout Float

Clean the grout float using a squeegee or a wet sponge to prevent the grout from drying completely on the flat metal surface.