How To Use A Lifting Jack

A lifting jack is an important tool when you are doing an extensive home remodeling project. When you are involved in any type of heavy lifting, like leveling off a basement, or holding up a porch, a lifting jack is invaluable.

Often times called a scissor lift jack, a lifting jack is something that you will need when you are thinking about digging around your home, or making major improvements. Mostly used for holding up a home off the ground while a foundation is dug, or a crawlspace is improved, a lifting jack is also used for several other applications. But, how do you use one? Here is a complete listing of how you should use your lifting jack.

What You Will Need

•Lifting jacks
•Stable support
•Jack Stands or wood beams

Step One - Level off Lifting Area

Lifting anything like a home, or a porch, means that you must take some precautions first. Take the time to make sure the ground you are going to be putting the lifting jacks on is perfectly level and firm. Any type of slant will be greatly multiplied when there is height involved. The weight of the home will begin to exert pressure in the way that slant is going. This can cause the jack to buckle, or cracks to form along the siding.

Step Two - Slide Lifting Jack into Position

Once the area is level, then you can slide the jack into position. Place a strong wooden beam, or some sort of stable surface under the jack so it does not dig into the ground. You can build a small 4 foot by 4 foot by 1 foot form in the area and pour a concrete footer for the jack to set on. Again, make sure it is absolutely level before putting any type of weight on it. Place the lifting jack in the exact center of the area you want lifted.

Step Three - Lift the Object

Turn the handle on the lifting jack until it gets snug to the object you are lifting. This is your last chance to make any adjustments before applying the weight of the building. Slowly continue turning the handle, or using the lever, and lift the object. If you are using more than one jack, then you are will need to operate them all evenly. Lift one a few inches, do the same to all the others until they are all the same height.

Step Four - Place Jack Stands

Using a lifting jack to raise a building is one thing. Keeping it there to hold the building up is another. Once the building is lifted to the desired height, then place some sturdy jack stands in place of the jack. You could also use wooden beams, stacked upon each other up to the height of the building.