How to Use a Nail Gun

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A hammer is an essential tool for completing small projects around the house, but a nail gun might even be an even better choice. If you are working on a larger project, such as an addition to your home or basement, or a new roof, a nail gun would most definitely be a better choice. It will not only save time but will also save on physical energy you would otherwise use to complete a larger, more time-consuming project.

Basically, a nail gun is just what it seems to be. It not only resembles a gun, but it has the same features: a handle, a trigger, and a barrel. A pneumatic nail gun, the type most frequently used in construction, works by shooting nails through the gun by air from an air compressor that supplies the gun with the high-pressure air that drives the nail. You can also use cordless nail guns for home projects. These cordless guns are powered by a canister of pressurized gas.

The following tips will give valuable information to help you in using a nail gun safely.

1. Use the Right Nails

You will need to purchase nails specifically made for a nail gun. One of the conveniences of a nail gun is that these special nails reload continuously after each nail is ejected, How? The nails are connected together on thin strips of paper, wire, or plastic that automatically feeds nails to the gun. This system is a big convenience and time saver, considering that you can usually load about 300 nails into a gun at one time.

2. Read the Owner’s Manual

Although you may think a nail gun is simple to use, it can—like other power tools—be quite dangerous. It is therefore important that before you use your nail gun you read the instructions in the owner’s manual—and follow these directions carefully.

3. Wear Safety Eyewear

Because projectiles can be created from the power that operates a nail gun, always wear safety eyewear and protective leather gloves to protect you from projected wood splinters or even the nail itself.

4. Prepare for Problems

It’s important that when using the nail gun, if the gun gets jammed, or if you need to reload it, that you disconnect power to the gun. Also, when you are not using the gun, lay it down on a solid surface and make sure you keep your hands and fingers away off the trigger. Never point the gun at anything or anyone other than the surface you are nailing.

5. Engage the Safety Lock

Always engage the safety feature on the gun when the gun is not in use.

6. Keep a Firm Hold on the Gun

You may be tempted to reach when using a nail gun. Instead, use a ladder.

7. Keep the Gun Out of the Reach of Children

When using a nail gun, make sure there are no children nearby who may be curious about the gun and might want to try it out.