How to Use a Paint Stripper on a Concrete Floor

What You'll Need
Heavy-duty plastic sheeting
Duct tape
Paint stripper solvent designed for a concrete slabs of floors
Limestone wash
Thick knappaint roller
Water hose with high-pressure spray nozzle
Thick plastic garbage bags

If you need to remove paint from a concrete floor, you will find that using paint stripper to remove the paint is not as simple as pouring the stripper solvent and wiping it away. Removing paint from concrete floors takes some hard work; however, it is possible to do the job. This simple step by step guide will show you how. Let's get started.

Step 1 - Cover All Plant Life

Take the plastic sheeting and make sure that you cover all plants that you may have around the concrete slab area. Then use the duct tape to tape the sheeting down so that it won't fly away and expose the plants while you're working with the paint stripper solvent.

Step 2 - Dig a Trench Next to the Concrete Slab

Use a shovel to dig a trench next to the concrete slab along the entire length or width of the slab. Then, place more of the heavy-duty plastic sheeting in the trench so that the edges of the plastic lay over the sides of the trench. Fill the trench with sand along the entire length of the slab.

Step 3 - Apply a Paint Stripper Designed for Concrete

Use a thick knap paint roller to apply a generous amount of paint stripper solvent that was designed for concrete onto the slab. Apply the stripper solvent in very heavy coats, and don't worry if the stripper solvent builds up or appears to be too thick.

Step 4 - Allow the Paint Stripper to Settle into the Paint

You will need to give the paint stripper solvent sufficient time to eat its way into the paint and begin dissolving it. This could take between 1 or 2 hours and up to as many as 12 to 24 hours. Therefore, simply wait until the paint starts to lift off of the concrete slab.

Step 5 - Rinse the Paint Stripper Solvent

Use the water hose and high-pressure spray nozzle to thoroughly rinse the concrete slab. When spraying the slab, direct the water so that it pushes the old paint and paint stripper solvent into the trench you created earlier.

Step 6 - Apply a Second Coat of Paint Stripper

Apply a second very heavy coat of paint stripper solvent on to the concrete slab. This time, it shouldn't take so long to begin lifting the remaining paint. Allow the solvent to set for about two or three hours before continuing

Step 7 - Final Rinse

Again, rinse the concrete slab with the water hose and high-pressure spray nozzle.

Step 8 - Apply the Limestone Wash

Apply a limestone wash solution to the surface of the concrete slab. This will help to neutralize the toxic chemicals in the paint stripper solvent and prepare the slab for painting.

Step 9 - Rinse the Limestone Wash

Rinse away the limestone watch from the concrete slab.

Step 10 - Repaint the Concrete Slab

You're now ready to begin repainting the concrete slab.