How to Use PEX Crimp Tools

PEX on the floor.

It is best to rent a PEX crimp tool when installing PEX pipe. This tool is a necessity to perform your task, but it is only used for this reason. This is why it is better to rent than spend your money on a new one that will only more than likely be used this one and only time.

A PEX crimping tool is a tool that is used when you are installing PEX pipe. It is used to create a water-tight seal when finishing off your piping project by securing the crimp ring into place on your pipe.

How It Works

Installing PEX pipe is not a complicated procedure, but it does take special works and tools to get it done. The crimp tool is one of those tools that are necessary.

When you have cut your pipe to the size you need it, you will want to slip on crimp rings over the ends of the just cut pipe. Then you will take a fitting and push it into the tubing. Slide the crimp ring to the edge. Now you are ready to use your PEX crimp tool.

Take out your rented tool and open it. This is done by pulling the handles apart to create an opening. Put the opening of the tool over the crimp ring on one end of the PEX pipe. Make sure it is on well, and then shut the tool by pushing the handles back together. This creates an extreme amount of pressure and forces the crimp ring into place. This then creates a water tight seal, which is obviously something any homeowner is seeking when dealing with piping projects.

Only a PEX Crimp Tool

Some homeowners have tried to seek out another possible way that the above procedure could be done. One that doesn't need a PEX crimping tool. Unfortunately, in order to replace your old piping with PEX pipe, or even if you are doing new construction and are starting off with PEX pipe, the only proper, secure, and safe way to get it done is to use a PEX crimp tool.

This is the only tool that creates enough force and pressure at just the right areas to be able to securely smash the crimp ring into where it is supposed to be. Using another tool, or finishing this procedure in any other way can result in a faulty crimp ring, or fitting, causing the pipe to leak, which in turn causes damage to the home.

All homeowners know that a leaky pipe is not what they want to wake up to Saturday morning. Save yourself the trouble and rent a PEX crimp tool. This will ensure that the job is done right the first time, and there will be no long-term problems with leaky pipes, and no danger of finishing the project missing some essentials.