How to Use a Portable Fuel Pump

What You'll Need
Portable Fuel Pump

Learn how to use a portable fuel pump efficiently and effectively. A portable fuel pump is a fuel pump that is used to transfer fuel to marine crafts, aircrafts, tanks and fuel drums. Most individuals will use for a portable fuel pump for their boat or other marine vehicle. The portable fuel pump features a nozzle that is used to transfer fuel from the pump's tank or bladder. 

Using a portable fuel pump requires reading the instructions thoroughly to ensure proper use and prevent safety problems. There are many different types of portable fuel pumps on the market so there may be differences in the way your pump works, compared to the steps outlined below. If you have specific questions regarding the operation of the brand of portable fuel pump that you own or have purchased, you should direct those inquiries to the pump's manufacturer or the retailer from which you purchased the portable fuel pump. 

Step 1: Purchase a Portable Fuel Pump

You should purchase a portable fuel pump from a retailer that sells this type of equipment. Boating, marine supply retailer, or sporting good stores will sell these fuel pumps. Take note that this device may also be referred to as a fuel transfer pump. Expect to pay several thousands of dollars for a portable fuel pump. Make sure the device is rated to handle flammable liquids and has adequate safety controls, including an emergency shut off switch. 

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with the Portable Fuel Pump

First, become familiar with how the portable fuel pump works. Before you leave the retailer or if purchasing the pump from an online retailer, be sure you can easily identify the on and off switch. Also, identify the location of the fuel storage tank and the way in which fuel is transferred from the portable pump to your marine craft. You should also know how to safely store the unit when it is not in use as well as what to do with any of the fuel that is stored in the portable fuel pump's tanks.

You should also obtain a copy of the rules and standards within your community regarding the storage of dangerous and flammable materials. You may only be able to fill the portable fuel pump when it is being transported on a boat or other marine vessel. Local standards may prohibit long term storage of fuel in an enclosed area such as your garage. 

Step 3: Operate the Portable Fuel Pump

As soon as you become familiar with the way the portable fuel pump works and the standards of the community in which you live in, operate the portable fuel pump carefully.