How to Use a Sponge Roller Effectively

Painting with a sponge roller is an effective and fast way to cover an area with a coat of fresh paint. However, if it is done inefficiently, it can take just as long as if you were using a brush.

Effective Sponge Roller Painting

First, make sure there is an adequate amount of paint in the paint tray. Position the replaceable sponge roller on the rolling handle correctly. When you place the sponge roller in the fresh paint, make sure you coat the entire sponge surface with paint. Don’t simply place it in on one side and paint. Roll the sponge around in the tray until the whole thing is coated. Wipe off the excess by rolling it against the upper part of the tray and position it on the wall.

When painting the wall, roll the sponge over the largest possible swath of wall, getting the most out of each application. Avoid making small rolling strokes, moving back and forth in a jilted motion. The way to get the most efficient application is to roll it over a long strip of wall keeping a firm amount of pressure on the handle as you go.

Using a sponge roller can save you a lot of time when painting walls. Be sure, though, that you know how to use the tool in the most efficient manner.