How to Use a Steam Carpet Cleaner

What You'll Need
Hot water
Steam cleaner
Carpet cleaning agent
Hot water

Learning to use a carpet steam cleaner is an effective way to clean your home's carpet and at the same time avoid paying others for work you can do yourself. Just follow the 6 steps below.

Step 1 – Prepare your Room

Take all removable items sitting on your carpet from the room. By leaving portions of carpet not cleaned because they are covered by furniture, you will risk creating discolored carpet patches.

Step 2 – Vacuum your Carpet

Clean all dust and debris from your carpet by vacuuming it thoroughly.

Step 3 – Check the Steam Cleaner's Filter

Clean any dirt you find in the cleaner's filter, using hot water where necessary.

Step 4 – Fill the Cleaner

Fill the cleaner's reservoir with the right proportions of hot water and cleaning agent (check your cleaner instructions for recommended proportions).

Step 5 – Operating the Cleaner

As you begin cleaning your carpet, moving forward across the carpet, pull the cleaner's trigger to apply the cleaning solution. To operate the scrubber, pull the cleaner backwards. Use this procedure on all parts of the carpet.

Step 6 – Drying the Carpet

When the entire carpet is cleaned, allow it to dry before you replace the furniture