How to Use a Tack Hammer

What You'll Need
Tack hammer

Tack hammers, or upholstery hammers, are used by people who are in business of making seats and chairs with soft padding. These hammers are used to attach upholstery to the wooden frames by using small nails. A tack hammer is comparatively light in weight and it has a claw head. Most of them are usually magnetized hammers these days. The magnetized side of the head is used to start the nails or to pick the fallen nails and the claw side of the hammer’s head is used to drive the nails in the project. Here are the steps for the right way to use a tack hammer.

Step 1 - Handle Grip

First of all, the person using the tack hammer needs to make a grip on the hammer handle. The grip should not be near the head of the hammer. In order for better result and to avoid any accident, the user should hold the hammer near the end of the handle.Once the grip is made, a person needs to hold the nail with other hand on the required spot in the surface. Instead of using fingers to hold the nail, one can also use a comb to hold the nail. This way, the probability of smashing the other hand ends. A tack hammer is used to fix small nails and it is at times very difficult to save the hand while hammering, hence, holding the nail in the bristles of the comb is the best and the safest way to hold the nail.

 Step 2 - Light Taps

Once the nail is put at the desired spot of the surface, easy taps should be given on the head of the nail by the hammer. Ensure that the grip is good at all the times; else the hammer might drop resulting in damage or an accident.

 Step 3 - Remove Comb

After a swift blow, the nail will find a place to stand in the surface. Now, one should remove the comb and then apply a little force to push nail inside the surface. One should always remember that, though these blows are heavier then the initial ones, they should use much power or else one might end up damaging the surface.

Step 4 - Removal if Needed

In case, the nail is not put straight in the surface or is not looking correct at that spot, the  tack hammer can be used to easily remove it. For this purpose, one needs the tack hammer with a claw. This claw side of the head can be used to gently remove the wrongly placed nail. Once the nail is removed, above mentioned steps can be repeated for the new nail. The magnet tack hammer can be used to take the nails out of the tool box and other upholstery tasks as well.

While using tack hammer, one should always keep in mind that if the handle is loose, such a tack hammer should not be used. In case, there are many dents, cracks or chips in the tack hammer, it should be immediately replaced.