How to Use a Toilet Auger

What You'll Need
Toilet Auger

You will see that a toilet auger is actually the only thing you need to unclog your toilet. Why spending hundreds of dollars calling someone for help, when it is so easy to do it by yourself, using just one simple tool? Following the next few steps, you will unclog your toilet in no time, doing the job just like a professional plumber.

Step 1 – Get Familiar to the Parts of the Auger

Before you start, carefully examine the auger, in order to get familiar to its parts and the way it works. Each toilet auger has a handle connected to a flexible cable. Both the handle and the cable move through a narrow tube. As you’re starting, the handle is inside the tube and the cable is hanging outside, with its free end being attached to a hook on the tube.

Step 2 – Unhook the Cable

Gently unhook the cable from the tube. The cable should be hanging freely now. This way you will be able to control it with the handle (and that’s what you need to do later).

Step 3 – Pull the Handle Up

Pull the handle up. Since the handle is connected to the cable, this way you will pull the cable inside the tube, thus preparing the auger to be inserted into the toilet.

Step 4 – Insert into Toilet

With everything done, carefully insert the toilet auger into the toilet. The tip of its cable (respectively its tube) should be pointing to the drain pipe, so make sure that the auger is pointed at the right direction.

Step 5 – Push the Handle Down

Apply some pressure and push the handle down, while at the same time rotating it clockwise like a crank. This way the cable will go deep into the drain pipe of your toilet.

Step 6 – Reach the Blockage

At some point you will feel something hindering the cable from going deeper and it will also be hard for you to push the handle further down. This is a sign that the cable has reached the blockage that clogs your toilet.

Step 7 – Remove the Blockage

To remove the blockage, start pulling the handle upwards, while again rotating it clockwise. This way the blockage will wrap around the cable and the cable will pull it out of the drain pipe. If there’s a blockage wrapped around the cable when it reaches the toilet bowl, you have successfully done your job. Otherwise, repeat the previous steps until you have a result. Keep repeating the process until you can flush the toilet and it drains properly.

Step 8 – Clean up the Cable

Take the towel and wipe up the blockage remains from the cable. You can use and old towel and simply throw it away.

Step 9 – Mop the Floor

Using the mop, clean up any toilet water remaining on the floor and your job is done.