How to Use a Universal Clamp on a Wood Cabinet

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What You'll Need
Universal clamp
Wood cabinet

A universal clamp is a device often used in construction and manufacturing. At home, this type of clamp can come in handy when during woodworking projects. The clamps can be used to hold the wood pieces together and make it easier for you to drill holes through the frames, then put the screws and bolts on. To use a universal clamp on your wood cabinet, here is what you should do.

Step 1 - Align the Frames

Align the frames of your cabinet, and make sure that they are in the right position. The adjoining faces of the cabinet frames must be in the right angle before you put the clamps.

Step 2 - Put the Clamps on

Put felt pads on the area where you want to place your clamps to protect the surface of the wood. Once the felt pads are in position, position the jaws of the clamps on top of the felt pads, and then tighten the clamp carefully. Make sure that pressure is evenly applied throughout the surface of the wood.

Step 3 - Bolt or Screw the Wood Frames Together

Once the clamps are tightly in place, you may now drill holes on the wood frames, and then put the screws or bolts in place.