How to Use Add Trim Moulding to Shadow Boxes

What You'll Need
Trim Molding
Paint or Stain
Measuring Tape
Safety Glasses
Shadow Box
Miter Saw
Finishing Nails
Wood Putty
Fine Grit Sand Paper

Shadow boxes can be made to hold personal items or belongings. Adding trim moldings around the front of your shadow box can add uniqueness and style all your own. Trim molding makes a strong statement and acts as a frame around the front of the shadow box. You can stain or paint your trim molding depending on your desired look and feel.

Step 1 – Prep Trim Molding

Select the style of trim molding you would like to add to your shadow box. Add stain or paint before it is attached to the shadow box.

Step 2 – Trim Molding To Fit Shadow Box

Measure the length of your shadow box sides, and mark that length on your trim molding. Leaving room on the ends for corner miter cuts. This is the size of the molding that you will have to cut. Making sure to wear your safety glasses, use your saw to cut the trim molding to size to fit the shadow box.

Step 3 – Prep Your Miter Saw Cuts

Measure the angle needed for the corners of the trim molding. The most common angle used is a 90-degree right angle. Wearing your safety glasses, rotate the miter saw table to the desired angle and secure it in place with the table lock. Pull the miter saw down against your wood without turning on the saw. This will test that you have the wood positioned correctly underneath the saw blade. Adjust as necessary.

Step 4 – Miter Cut Your Trim Molding

Turn on your miter saw and pull the blade down to cut through your molding. Repeat until you have made all the cuts on your pieces of trim molding.

Step 5 – Verify the Trim Molding Cuts

Place a piece of trim molding on top of one of the sides of your shadow box to make sure it fits and there is no overlap. Position the other pieces of trip molding around the edges of the shadow box to make sure all the mitered cuts are correct, and it should form somewhat of a picture frame around the shadow box when all pieces are joined.

Step 6 – Attach Trim Molding

Using wood glue, apply a thin layer to the shadow box where you want to attach trim molding. Press the trim molding into place. Using finishing nails, hammer the trim molding into the wooden shadow box frame. Attach the remaining pieces of wood molding, making sure that each piece meets the other at the right angles and there are no gaps.

Step 7 – Finish the Trim Molding Installation

Fill the nail holes with wood putty. Allow the wood putty to dry overnight. Use a fine grit sand paper to smooth away excess wood putty. Touch up your paint or wood stain as needed.