How to Use Adhesive Tape During Drywall Installation

  • 4-18 hours
  • Beginner
  • 200-500
What You'll Need
Drywall sheets
Drywall screws
Joint compound
Sanding pole
Screw gun
Self-adhesive drywall tape
6 Spackle knife
8 knife
10 knife

Adhesive tape is always needed for proper drywall installation. A drywall is manufactured from a combination of water and gypsum, which are then pushed together in between heavy paper sheets. The finished product is used in the construction of ceilings, walls and other architectural designs. While it is quick to hang and finish the material, you will need to have patience and plenty of practice before you can do the job right.

One of the tools that will help you finish a drywall project fast is the adhesive tape for drywall. With its use, the finishing process for drywall is shortened slightly since a coating of joint compound does not have to be applied anymore. Hence, if you are doing a drywall project in your house, it will be more convenient to use a self adhesive drywall tape.

Step 1 - Hanging the Drywall

Hang your drywall as you would normally. With the use of drywall screws, secure the drywall sheets on the studs.

Step 2 - Taping the Drywall Sheets

Put 1 width of adhesive drywall tape along the joints where each of the drywall sheets comes in contact with each other. Make sure that you place the adhesive tape evenly and smoothly. Avoid bunching the tape. Watch out for twisting as well.

Step - Applying Joint Compound

With the use of a 6” Spackle knife, apply 1 layer of the joint compound directly over the adhesive drywall tape. Make sure that you apply the joint compound in a very thin coat, which is about an eighth of an inch.

Step 4 - Widening the Joint Compound Coating

Repeat the process that you have done on the previous step but this time, use an 8 inch knife. The joint compound on top of the adhesive tape should now be wider than the previous application but ensure that it is still thinly applied.

Step 5 - Feathering the Joint Compound

This step would again be a repetition of step 3 but you will again change your knife to one that is 10 inch long. With this coating, you will be feathering the joint compound outwards or away from the drywall adhesive tape. This will result to a joint compound coating that becomes thinner the further it is from the adhesive tape.

Step 6 - Sanding the Drywall Joints

After you are done with the joint compound coating, allow the substance to dry for 24 hours. The joints should then be sanded down with light motions until they are level with the rest of the drywall surface and smooth.

If you are going to hang drywall sheets on metal studs, they should be installed in a vertical position. If the building has wooded studs though, the drywall sheets should be horizontal. This is because you will make fewer cuts with vertically hung drywall sheets. However, studs that are made of wood are not strong enough to give the necessary support for vertically installed drywall.