How to Use an Alligator Lopper

What You'll Need
Alligator lopper
Lubricant (bar and chain oil)
Extension cord
Clean cloth

An alligator lopper is an electric lopper that is designed to cut branches as thick as 4-inches. Unlike manual loppers, this device provides easier cutting of thin or thick branches. However, it does have its own disadvantages. An alligator lopper is an electrical device, which means it must be connected to a power source when cutting. In some instances, the cord of may get in the way and limit the cutting operation. The device is actually a chainsaw with a lopper design. Unlike traditional chainsaws, it does not use gas. Here are some steps to follow when using an alligator lopper.

Step 1 – Preparation

Remove the oil cover and apply a bar and chain oil to lubricate the device. Make sure to have a clean area to work on. Remove any impediments that may disrupt the work. Plug the device to a power source. Use an extension cord if the working area is far from the power outlet. Hold the device with both arms and run it by pressing the two switches. If the device runs smoothly, it is now ready for cutting.

Step 2 – Make a Cut

Remember that the device is intended to cut branches and not to cut down trees. It is designed to cut wood that is at most 4-inches in diameter. Never attempt to cut any other material as it may damage the chainsaw on the device.

Before making a cut, ensure that the device is running at full speed. Hold the device as firmly as possible and guide the tool to cut off branches using a light pressure. Start cutting from the top of the branch and work the tool down or from a logical direction until the branch is cut.

Remember not to cut too many branches at once. It is best to cut one branch after another. Only cut a bunch of branches when they are relatively thin enough for the lopper to cut. Do not remove the tool when it is not running at full speed. Remove it only when the branch is cut and the sawing mechanism is running at its maximum speed.

Check for tension on the branches. Curved heavy branches may spring back when cut so stay in a location safe from falling branches that are cut. Safety should always be a priority.

Step 3 – Lubricate

Every 10 minutes of use, lubricate the device with bar and chain oil. This should also be done before using the device again. Lubrication ensures that the device works efficiently at all times.

Step 4 – Clean the Device after Use

Clean the device every after use. Open the chain access cover and clean any debris trapped inside. Clean the vents with a brush and use a clean damp cloth and soap to clean the surfaces of the device. Do not soak the tool into any liquid.