How to Use an Aluminum Bending Brake to Wrap a Window

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What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Metal sheet cutter
Pan break
Card board

During the summer months, people use a wrap window to deflect sunlight coming through a window. Aluminum is the best material to use when wrapping a window because of deflecting qualities. This will keep the temperature inside the homes cooler. A bending brake is the best gadget to use to bend sheet aluminum to the shape of your windowsill. Since a window wrap will require a number of bends then a pan break will be recommended. Pan brakes have a number of adjustable fingers that will be appropriate for this type of project.

Step 1 - Get the Measurements

Measure you the windows you want to wrap. Measure the depth window frame.

Step 2 - Make a Template

Using your cardboard, draw a template of the window using the measurements you obtained. Pre-fit the cardboard template on your window frame and mark all the sides that you wish to bend and to the direction the aluminum piece needs to be bent.

Step 3 - Trace the Outline

stack of sheet aluminum

Trace out the outline of the cardboard template you made on the aluminum sheet. Also mark where you will be bending the metal sheet and make sure you note down the direction of the bend. You do not want to bend the aluminum toward the wrong direction because constant bending from one direction to the other can eventually break the aluminum sheet, rendering it useless. The aluminum sheet that is concealed underneath the top portion of the brake will stay horizontal while the portion showing will bend up and toward the brake. Always remember this so you won’t make a mistake in bending.

Step 4 - Bend the Aluminum

Practice bending your aluminum sheets with some scrap sheets. Have a feel first how the aluminum sheets bend before bending your aluminum sheet window cutout. Place the aluminum sheet in the pan brake. The pan brake has a break in the sheet where the brake lifts up to form the bend. Align the mark on your sheet aluminum with the break in the brake.

Step 5 - Lock the Brake

Most brakes will work by pulling down two levers to the side of the brake. The top portion of the brake will push down onto the aluminum sheet you want to bend, which will keep it in place while you bend the sheet. On the sides of the pan brake, there is a large lever with a weight on the top. Pull this toward you while watching the brake lift and bend the aluminum sheet. When the aluminum sheet is bent in the angle that you're looking to bend, release the lever, unlatch the brake and pull out your piece. Repeat the process on all the sides that need to be bent. Fit window wrap on your window to see if any more bending is required.