How to Use an Electric Fence Tester

What You'll Need
Electric fence
Electric fence tester

An electric fence tester is a tool used by fence owners to check for errors in the electric fence and to locate inconsistencies in the current passing through the lines. It works in the same way a voltage meter work, but is designed for electric fences. A standard voltage meter will not work for this type of job.

Step 1 - Panel Testing

You will want to start by testing both sides immediately touching the control panel with your electric fence tester, to ensure that it is sending current correctly from its input and output ports. These are the ends that enter into the control box itself. Be sure both give a proper reading, which ensures your control box is not a source of any issues involving voltages being lost to your fence.

Step 2 - Spot Tests

Then you will walk the perimeter of your fence line with your electric fence tester, doing a line test every 10 to 20 yards to ensure that there is not a loss of power in your fencing. If you find that an area 10 to 20 yards out does not show a proper reading, move forward and check again. If you do not find problems when you move forward, you will want to go back to the last good reading and test your lines more thoroughly to locate the source of your problem.