How to Use an In-Ground Pool Skimmer

swimming pool

An inground pool skimmer is the device that begins the work of keeping the pool clean. It is positioned on the upper side of the pool with a basket that skims out all of the big pieces of debris. As the water flows through the skimming basket it will then be transported to the filter and pump. There is an access panel on the top of the skimmer for cleaning out the basket and making sure it is not clogged. Using an inground pool skimmer is very easy and mostly hands-off.

Step 1 - Watch Water Level

In order for the inground pool skimmer to work properly it will need to have the right water level. The level should be at least half of the height of the skimmer in order for it to work properly. You can easily keep track of this by simply looking at the pool level when you are near it. If you need to add more water simply place a hose in the pool.

Step 2 - Clean Out Skimmer

The skimmer is the first part of the process in keeping the pool clean. If there is any type of debris blocking the down tube then the water will not flow as it should to the pump. This will speed up algae growth in the pool. Remove the top cover of the skimmer and look into the basket. Remove any of the large debris that is blocking the water tube going to the pump. Check to make sure the water starts to flow again.

Step 3 - Keep Pool Toys Away

assortment of pool toys

In order for the pool skimmer to work properly it will need to be free of any obstruction at the front of it. Sometimes pool toys are left in the water. Make sure the toys continue to move and do not block the entrance of the skimmer. If so, then leaves, sticks, or other pieces of debris will not flow into the skimmer. They will eventually sink to the bottom and need to be removed.

Step 4 - Clean Basket Periodically

The basket part of the skimmer is what allows the water to flow and keeps out the big items. After several months the basket can get clogged with dirt, water deposits, and even chlorine deposits. Remove the basket a few times during the summer and clean it out. Use a high pressure hose to clean off the small screen.

Step 5 - Use for Cleaning Water

skimmer floating in a pool

Some inground pool owners like to place their chlorine tablets in the skimmer of the pool. This not only keeps it from floating around the pool, but gives it a central place of distribution.

Step 6 - Use an Automatic Skimmer

An automatic skimmer is one that glides on top of the water and keeps it clean through the use of several arms. It should be used when no one is in the pool at the time. You should check it every other day to ensure it is doing its job and to clean out the debris in the basket. Replace any type of chemical cleaner that you are using.