How to Use Beveled Wood Chisels

Wood chisels are very handy tools, especially when they are paired with other tools for better and more efficient performance. In this case, beveled wood chisels are often the best kind of wood chisels used throughout the world because of the bevel side of their bodies. It is easy to use a beveled wood chisel if you simply read the instructions given below:

Tools and Materials Needed
  • Bevel 
  • Wood chisel 
  • Blade 
  • Grinder 

Step 1 – Paring with the Bevel

The wood chisel is placed on the top of the surface and the bevel side is turned up, while the blade is placed at a slant angle to the line of the wood. Position the wood chisel in such a way that it will produce a shearing or slicing-out angle. In this first step of using a beveled wood chisel, you have to make sure that your hand is holding the handle of the chisel and is far away from the blade of the chiseling body. Take considerable care.

Step 2 – Exert Force on the Angle

Press the beveled wood chisel against the grinding machine and let it sharpen until you believe that the angle is now sharp enough to produce a cut in the wood. A beveled wood chisel is particularly used in woodworking and wood tuning for sculptures and wooden surfaces. To make bigger cuts or slashes with the beveled wooden chisel, you can hammer its bottom part with a brick or a hammer until a shape is marked into the surface you are working on. Beveled wooden chisels are usually flat on the blade surface, but sometimes may even have designs or clawed teeth in the front for designing. 

Step 3 – Cleaning of the Grooves

At the end of this process, simply clean out the grooves of the chisel by placing the bevel side down against the grinder. Control the forward motion of the chisel and press the bevel down. This will clean all grooves and make your beveled wood chisel easy to use. Grind against the angles of the wooden surface for cleaner and smoother slices or cuts. You can even clean the grooves with a cloth so that a clearer image of the angle to be sliced is seen. 

Step 4 – Work Safe

While working with a beveled wood chisel can be fun, you must remember that your safety is most important. Sometimes the handle of the bottom part of the chisel may slip past your grip and the blade may land in your palm, causing deep wounds. Try your best to work alertly and make a habit of wearing gloves used by most mechanics and workers. Always clean the handle part of the beveled wood chisel with a clean cloth so that the surface is not slippery and is easy to hold tightly in your hand.