How to Use Carpet Seam Tape

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Carpet seam tape is a heat-activated adhesive tape used to join the edges of the carpet together. It is applied underneath the carpet when the carpet is installed. Carpet seam tape may also be used to repair tears, or when replacing a damaged area of the carpet.

Tools You'll Need

You'll need a straight edge, a box knife, or a sturdy razor for cutting straight edges along your carpet. If you have factory edges you won't need to cut your carpet. You'll also need carpet seam tape, a seaming iron, and a rolling pin for rolling over the carpet seam to press the carpet into the tape once the tape is heated and the carpet placed on the tape.

How To Apply Carpet Seam Tape

Make sure your carpet edges are straight - the edges will need to butt up cleanly against each other. Cut your carpet seam tape the length of the seam. Place the tape down so it is centered under where the carpet seam will be. Make sure the tape is placed adhesive side up. Heat up the tape by applying the seaming iron to it in an ”ironing“ motion. Once the tape is heated press the carpet down so the seams butt together on the tape. Press with your rolling pin.