How to Use Chilis as Pesticide

What You'll Need
Chili peppers
Cheese cloth
Potash soup
Grain or seed bags

One major issue that people have about eating food from commercial farms is the fact they use pesticide as a deterrent against insects. Though government agencies, along with pesticide manufacturers, claim there are no ill effects; there is still an idea that consuming such material is not good for you. As a result, many have started to purchase from farms that grow their crops in a complete organic nature. This, though great, is also very costly. You can grow your own vegetables and fruits at home but you will still have a problem with insects. It is possible to use chili peppers as a homemade pesticide.

Chili Spray Pesticide for the Garden

Chili peppers are very strong and insects (as well as other animals) have a very powerful sense of smell and taste. The chili works to basically fry their senses and causes them pain. They learn from their mistakes and do not bother your produce. Purchase about 20 chili peppers and dry them out. Grind the chili in to a fine dust. Fill a pot with 2 liters of water and add the chili dust. Boil this mixture for roughly 20 minutes. Remove the pot from the stove and add another 2 liters of water then allow it to fully cool. Strain the water through a cheese cloth then add potash soap to it (soft). This allows the spray to stick to the vegetation without hurting it. Fill a spray bottle with this liquid and apply to your plants once a week and twice if there is rain.

Protecting Stored Grains or Seeds

If you are someone who grows your own seeds or grains then a chili pesticide may be what you need to stop harmful insects from invading your storage area. The first thing you need to do is check your grains and seeds for moisture. There are several tests that you can perform to do this including biting a seed or grain and listening for a loud snap, pinching it with your fingers or using a more scientific test. You need the grains and seeds to be dry because the chili can cause a change in flavor. Get several dozen chili peppers and set them out in the sun for several days until they are dried out. Place the whole chili peppers inside the grain or seed bags. One per bag will be more than sufficient. You can also grind the chili peppers up and mix the powder in with the grains or seeds.

Chili Pepper Barrier

A chili pepper can be an insecticide as well as a deterrent for other animals to ravage your crops. Many of us have to worry about groundhogs, rabbits and skunks. You can create a barrier that these animals will not willingly cross. As soon as they get a scent or a taste they will be disgusted and made ill. It will not kill them but will make them feel incredibly unpleasant. Get dried chili peppers and grind them to dust. Sprinkle the dust around the vegetation.