How to Use Foam in Place Products

Foam in place cushioning is used when shipping items that are fragile or delicate. Transported packages are commonly kicked, dropped or impacted in various ways and these can potentially damage the items you are shipping. Hence, you need to send them with ample protection so that they will arrive at their destination safely. Vibrations that come from various transportation means such as trucks, conveyors, aircraft or railroad can produce further damage.

Vibrations and shocks are controlled by cushioning the product inside a package. The cushion is usually installed inside a corrugated box and other shipping containers. The product is designed to crush or deform, to keep the vibration and shock level down to a minimum. Depending on the item and package being sent, the cushioning can be from 2 to 3 inches in thickness.

Features of Foam in Cushions

Foam-in materials are simple to use but versatile enough to be used for a lot of applications. It is an all-electric operation that has a European Conformity or CE marking for safety and reliability in small to large packaging applications. You have the flexibility to adjust the amount of foam that you are going to use and a unit can be incorporated with built-in timers and self-diagnostic controls. And since the operation is done exclusively by electricity, there is no compressed air that is required.

The Foam in Place Process

A foam-in-place product is dispensed into the carton containing the item to be shipped. The box is first lined with a high-strength film, which is folded over the rising foam. The item to be shipped is then placed on top of this film and a second one is placed over the product. More foam is then dispensed on top, encapsulating and immobilizing the item.

The box is then sealed and readied for shipment. You can also make a specifically designed cushion by means of a simple mold made from wood. Again a film is placed on the mold and the foam dispensed. This particular cushioning can protect an item better and should be used for particularly delicate products.

Benefits of Using the Packaging Process

With foam in place product, you will be able to speed up the whole process of packaging an item. The product expands within seconds, forming a protective barrier around your item. The product also allows you to increase your productivity significantly.

Packaging is also easier with the use of a foam-in-place product. Products that are to be shipped are protected efficiently and economically no matter what shape, size or weight they are. It is also very versatile. Whether your packaging requires precision, heavy-duty blocking or filling of voids fast, it can live it up to your expectations.

Using foam in place products allows you to have more protection on your shipments. It also allows for a lot of savings on storage space, since foam can expand 200 times more than its volume in liquid. Hence, you will not need a lot of packaging materials on your business location.