How to Use Grass as Grout in a Paver Driveway

Person installing large area of pavers
  • 8-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-800
What You'll Need
Grass seed
Top soil

One of the ways that many people like to add some character to their paver driveway is to use grass as the grout between the pavers. The grass then sets off the usual bland looking driveway into a mixture of color and texture. The grass makes a great grout material as it will keep the pavers from moving and falling out. There are two ways to install grass grout in a paver driveway. The first is through a new paver installation. The second entails digging out sand and mortar that is already there for planting grass.

Step 1 - Prepare Ground for Grass Seed

In a new paver driveway installation the ground will be completely bare. If you are going to use grass to grout in your driveway, you must keep that in mind as you get ready to put down the foundation. Use crushed rock as a base, as opposed to other types of aggregate. This will give the best drainage so water that seeps through the grass will not pool under the pavers.

Step 2 - Install Pavers for Driveway

assortment of paver installation supplies

The type of paver you are using for your driveway does not matter when you put in grass grout. However, what does matter is the spacing you have between each paver. Generally, there is very little space, or no space, between pavers. The space between the pavers when using grass grout should be at least 1/2 inch. As you lay out the pavers, make sure you keep this in mind.

Step 3 - Spread Topsoil between Pavers

Usually you would want to spread out some sand in between the pavers to fill any cracks. When using grass as a filler between the pavers you should use a good quality top soil. Spread it out over the top of the pavers and sweep into the spaces. Make sure the topsoil is level with the pavers.

Step 4 - Plant Grass Seed

Once the top soil is set into the spaces between each of the pavers, you can then spread out grass seed. Do not use the driveway for a few weeks until the grass starts to sprout. Water the new grass seed each day for about 10 minutes until they are about one inch tall. Once the grass fills in you will simply need to keep it mowed.

Step 5 - Chisel out Mortar

paver surface

If the paver driveway is already installed you will either need to chisel out the mortar or the sand holding the pavers together. This is tedious work so plan for it to take a few days. Remove all traces of the sand and mortar. You may want to open up the space between the pavers also. Use a power saw and cut away the edges of each paver for more room for the grass.

Step 6 - Fill with Top Soil

Using very rich top soil, spread it out over the pavers and sweep into the space between each paver. Make sure it is compact and fills the entire gap. Once the topsoil is in place you can then spread out grass seed. Follow the previous step to water it until it grows in.