How To Use Light to Increase Curb Appeal

home with lit front door from the curb
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What You'll Need
Lighting fixtures
Ground lights
What You'll Need
Lighting fixtures
Ground lights

Whether you're trying to sell your home or simply spruce it up to add a little curb appeal, all you need is a little lighting to make things pop. Not only is lighting a great way to add a little eye candy, a well-lit home is also a safer home. Increased value and safety with one bulb? A classic win-win scenario.

Door Lighting

front of house with lights

Light your doorways around the home, and yes we mean all of the doorways. Your front door lights can be used to highlight door decor like wreaths, potted plants, and other seasonal items. To get the most bang for your buck, install lights that give adequate light to your front door as well as your decor. Keep your seasonal and rotating decor in the same spot whenever you swap things around so that your lights illuminate your porch in all the right places.

When you're picking lights for your porch, make sure to buy outdoor lights. It's also a good idea to purchase higher watt bulbs that will spill a little light down onto your steps if you've got them. Adding a little light above a porch swing or any chairs that sit by your front entry is another great idea. This will keep you well lit while you spend time outside in the evenings, and make the front of your home appear more upscale and expensive.

It's also a good idea to light the rest of the doors around your home, including side and garage doors. Basic outdoor lighting will do as this is not only for curb appeal but safety as well. Make sure to put bright lights or even emergency floodlights over entries that may be hot targets. Motion-activated lights are a great way to scare off burglars and increase the resale value of your home.

Flower Bed Lighting

flower garden with lights

Want to make your home look instantly more expensive? Add ground lights to your flower beds and around your trees. These ground lights don't have to be big and bright because even a little illumination goes a long way. Use regular lights during the spring and summer and switch out the bulbs in the winter with festive colors. It's instant Christmas decorating that requires very little work.

Some flower bed lights are solar-powered and can be popped right into the ground because they sit on a stake. These lights can be picked up at any home improvement store and even some big box chain stores like Walmart.

If you try to DIY this type of lighting in your yard, make sure to use supplies that can withstand all types of weather and still function when they're halfway buried in dirt.

Walkway Lighting

stone walkway in grass with landscape lights

Even if you're simply rocking basic sidewalks, adding walkway lights instantly makes your house come alive. Without fail, a well-lit house looks more expensive than it is. Lighting the walkway gives your home a warm and inviting feel. It keeps guests safe as they come to and from the house, and it makes your house look instantly elevated.

Take your lighting game to the next level by picking lighting fixtures that match your house well. Since you'll be able to see these fixtures pretty well, making sure that they match your home and blend well with your yard makes the lights themselves feel more high end.

Other Lights

outdoor gathering area with patio furniture and chandelier

Other great places to light your home? Gazebos, lawn ornaments, waterfalls, light poles, statues, and fountains. Highlighting the special features of your house improves the value and illuminates all of the fun things that make your home unique. When you DIY your lighting, make sure to take into account the weather in your area. Talk with local experts to make sure that you're installing your lighting system correctly and using supplies that will withstand the local elements.

string lights in a patio or gazebo area with wooden roof

If you're unsure of where to install lights in your yard, head outside at night with a friend and a flashlight. Shine the light around the property to find what lighting scenes will play out best in your front yard.